Data Science

I am interested in how social research is evolving in the digital age, and I like exploring new tools in my spare time. Here below is a small portfolio of curated projects.

Web and Social Media Data

Using data from social media and digital spaces:

Machine Learning

In 2019 and 2020 I enrolled in courses on Machine Learning, and Programming for Data Science at the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford. This is the assignment for the course:

Predict the level of humidity given all the other parameters in the SZEGD weather dataset, from Kaggle (

Text analysis

Using large sources of text data to conduct automated analysis:

How to extract words from a pdf file and conduct some basic text analysis.

Text analysis, Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modelling using open-ended survey data.

Listen to this podcast I recorded with Nicole Schwitter, author of "Going digital: web data collection using twitter as an example", and Alexia Pretari where we discuss how web and social media data can be used to understand our reality, as well as its limitations and ethical considerations. And this podcast with Jaynie Vonk, where we discuss GDPR, data security and data privacy for impact evaluations. Finally, read this paper published in Frontiers in Sociology on Big data and development research.