Selected presentations

Guest lectures

  • Master in International Development, Universita' Milano-Bicocca. "Introduction to Impact Evaluation". Online, May 2021

  • Master in International Health and Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford. "Oxfam's Strategic Evidence Framework and Impact Evaluation designs". Oxford (United Kingdom), January 2020.

  • London International Development Centre (LIDC) Short Course on "Evaluation: from innovation to impact”. "Oxfam GB’s Strategic Evidence Framework. Global questions and methodological developments". London (United Kingdom), November 2019.

  • London International Development Centre (LIDC) Short Course on "Evaluation for Development Programmes". "Impact Evaluations in the real world: examples from Oxfam GB". London (United Kingdom), November 2018.

Conferences and seminars

  • European Evaluation Conference. "Encouraging reflection and evidence-use in development organizations: learning from new practices applied in impact evaluation to identify evidence priorities". Copenaghen (Denmark), July 2022.

  • European Evaluation Conference. "From principles to practice: a round table discussion on Ethics". Copenaghen (Denmark), July 2022.

  • International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) Global Assembly. "Women’s Empowerment in Lebanon: Impact evaluation of the project ‘Women’s Access to Justice'". Prague (Czech Republic), October 2019.

  • The Future of Work in the Global South, organised by Agence Française de Développement (ADF). Moderator of the session ”Employment and Social Protection policies”. Paris (France), April 2019.

  • Centre for Study of African Economies (CSAE) Conference 2019. "It depends who’s asking? A multi-country field experiment on surveyor identity and response bias". Oxford (United Kingdom), March 2019.

  • OPHI Seminar, University of Oxford. "A meta-analysis of Oxfam’s woman’s empowerment projects". Oxford (United Kingdom), November 2018.

  • 3ie London Seminars at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. "Using internal evaluations to measure organisational impact", London (United Kingdom), May 2018.

  • ICT for Evaluation International Conference organised by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). "Enabling community participation and validation of digitally collected data through real-time feedback". Rome (Italy), June 2017.

  • MERLTech London. "Digital data collection surveys: what digital data collection tools are enabling". London (United Kingdom), February 2017.

  • International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) Global Assembly "Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan: Impact evaluation of empowering small scale producers in the dairy sector’" Bangkok (Thailand), October 2015.